Wok Cooking Equipment | The Wok Lid

The second most important bit of wok cooking equipment after the wok itself is probably the wok lid. The wok lid is what lets you trap steam - which plays a big part in many methods of wok cooking. Often, more than once, you will be cooking briefly with the wok lid on the wok, and then removing it during the course of cooking any given wok recipe.

The Wok Lid | The Flat Wok Lid

The Wok Lid | The Flat Wok Lid

An essential part of wok cooking and in particular cooking with the 'one-pot' method of wok cooking is the presence of hot steam in the airspace over the cooking ingredients in the wok which gets trapped under the wok lid during cooking periods where the lid is on the wok. A flat topped wok lid give lots of space for this steam to gather before it condenses on the bottom side of the wok lid. If you can, when you research how to buy a wok where you live, try to find a wok shop which will provide a flat topped wok lid for your new wok.


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