The Wok Spatula | Wooden Wok Spatulas

The wooden wok spatula is our preferred tool for wok cooking. We use it exclusively and only use our metal wok spatula for seasoning a new wok or re-seasoning an old wok using the salt method for how to season a wok - where temperatures are very hot.

The wok spatula we use came free with a wok we got years and years ago and the end has completely conformed to the shape of the wok we use regularly. We use a wooden wok spatula with a very short handle. If you find you are sensitive to the heat during wok cooking, you can use a wok spatula with a long handle, or a medium handle.

The shortest handle you are comfortable with using is the best, because the spatula will be light and very very easy to manipulate while cooking. A small wok spatula head end will allow you to manipulate individual food ingredients - we like a short handled small wooden wok spatula for your wok cooking.

That said, pretty much any wooden spatula will be fine. Just select a spatula that is comfortable to hold. You can pay anything from nothing to a small amount for a good wooden spatula. You won't break the bank on a wooden spatula!

Wok Cooking Equipment | The Wooden Wok Spatula

Wok Cooking Equipment | The Wooden Wok Spatula

A Wooden Wok Spatula - any wooden spatula will work!

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